When I was twenty-three years old, I began writing Hush. It wasn't a book back then; it was only a story. My story. It became my story when I first learned what the words sexual abuse meant. I had known of the words, had heard of them, but wasn't quite sure how to define them - except that they described something that happened by the gentiles. By us, the ultra-Orthodox, the Chassidic, the chosen Jewish nation living in Brooklyn, New York, it wasn't a term we needed to know.

—Judy Brown

Published in 2010, Hush takes the reader into the cloistered enclave of the ultra-Orthodox world in Brooklyn, NY. The book portrays the joy and warmth of life within the community, and the dark secrets hidden behind its enclosed walls. 

Hush received the 2011 Sydney Taylor Honor Award and was selected as a finalist for the 2011 William C. Morris Award from the American Library Association.

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Praise for Hush:

"In this stunning debut, Chayil…[has] a wonderful way of getting inside a child’s head…this is powerful stuff and a glimpse into places not often seen."  —Booklist

"Read it. Feel the pain and hurt. Share it with a friend or a spouse and hopefully slowly, together, we can slay this dragon that has been harming our community for far too long."  —Rabbi Eliyahu Fink

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